Board Of Directors

The leadership team consists of a strong combination of national and international recruits. It is designed toprovide Masihata Group the capacity necessary to profitably compete in global business. The team appreciates and enjoys the distinctive work environment created by the family in business.

Engr.Khaled Hossain Mahboob

Managing Director
Masihata Group

Syeda Mahfuza Akhter

Masihata Group.

Director Of Masihata Group

Nistar Hossain Mahboob
Group Director
Masihata Group
Director Admin HR&Compliance.
Masihata Group
Ranjan Kumar Paul
Director Marketing
Masihata Group.
Mr.Mahinda Perera
Director Production
Mega Yarn Dyeing Mills Ltd.
Upul Indrajith
General Manager(Quality)
Masihata Group